Theme Seven: Vetting, Supervising, Developing and Training Staff

A full description of the Board's response to the Theme Seven recommendations, including work undertaken by Dilworth prior to the Inquiry recommendations being published, is available here.

Recommendation 15: Maintain sufficient high-quality boarding house staff

"We recommend the Dilworth Trust Board provides both adequate staffing, and the best quality staff for boarding houses."


Recommendation 16: Engage quality teaching staff

"We recommend:The Dilworth Trust Board engages the best quality teaching staff available and provide full continuing training and support for them.The Dilworth Trust Board provides adequate support for teaching staff and students engaged in individual tuition."


Action Points


Maintain robust recruitment, vetting, induction, training and performance management structures and processes for both teaching and boarding staff in order to provide appropriate safeguarding assurances.

Completed / ongoing

Maintain robust processes and structures to ensure the quality and professional standards of teaching staff.

Completed / ongoing

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Snapshot of progress against Theme Seven action points (listed left):

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Completed / ongoing


Updated 03/04/2024