Update on the Crown’s redress and rapid payment systems: Some Dilworth Old Boy survivors may be eligible to make a claim through the Ministry of Social Development for a rapid payment. Find out more here

Acknowledging and reconciling our past

Dilworth is committed to fully confronting the sexual and other abuse that occurred at our School openly and honestly.

As part of our response, the Dilworth Trust Board (the Board) has established an independent Redress Programme for Old Boy survivors of sexual abuse or serious physical abuse committed by a Dilworth representative. It is also available to survivors of sexual abuse committed by another student while at Dilworth. The Programme is designed to support Old Boy survivors through various forms of redress including financial awards, access to counselling and therapy, an apology, and other forms of personalised redress.

Separately, the Board has also commissioned an Independent Inquiry to establish an understanding of the causes, nature and extent of the abuse experienced by former students at Dilworth School; the acts and omissions of the School, its trustees, officers and staff in responding to, or addressing, complaints of abuse; and examine the adequacy of the policies and procedures in place at the School today to prevent any future abuse.

The independence and confidentiality of the Dilworth Redress Programme and Independent Inquiry is paramount. The two programmes will run concurrently and are independent of each other, with no oversight, influence or involvement by the Board.

Old Boy survivors can participate in either or both programmes. There is no requirement to participate in one programme, in order to access the other. In other words Old Boy survivors can make application for redress without attending the Inquiry. In the same way, Old Boys who do not intend to apply for redress may still go to the Inquiry if they so choose.

Dilworth Redress Programme

The Board has appointed former High Court Judge Dame Judith Potter DNZM CBE as Chair of the independent Dilworth Redress Programme Panel (the Redress Panel). Dame Judith is joined by clinical psychologist Professor Ian Lambie ONZM and governance expert Ms Rukumoana Schaafhausen MNZM.

These three independent Panellists will together consider Old Boy survivors’ applications and determine the redress each will receive. The Board will have no control or influence over the Panellists and will be bound by their decisions on the redress to be provided to each Old Boy.

The Dilworth Redress Programme launched on 29 August 2022, and Old Boy survivors can visit its website to register their interest in making an application for Redress.

Redress Programme website About the Redress Panel

Independent Inquiry

The Inquiry, led by the Hon. Dame Silvia Cartwright ONZ PCNZM DBE QSO DStJ and Frances Joychild QC, commenced its work on 1 July 2022.

Old Boy survivors, those affected by abuse and the wider Dilworth community can now register to participate in the Independent Inquiry via the Independent Inquiry website.

The Independent Inquiry website is independent of Dilworth and is managed by the Inquiry leaders and the Inquiry’s dedicated secretariat.

A full description of the Dilworth Redress Programme Terms and Independent Inquiry Terms of Reference can be found via the links below.