Conviction of former Dilworth Chaplain Ross Browne

Kia ora fellow Old Boys.

Today, former Dilworth Chaplain and teacher Ross Browne, pleaded guilty to 15 criminal charges relating to historical sexual abuse at our school and one charge of possession of objectionable publications

He has been convicted on these charges and will be sentenced in December.

While today marks a significant step in this case, as the court process has not yet completed we remain restricted in what we are able to say.

At this time I want to acknowledge the courage of our Old Boys who laid complaints with the police.

Know our entire community stands with you, united by our grief for what you have endured.

We hope that today’s guilty plea is a further step on your journey towards justice and healing.

We have apologised for the historical abuse at our school.

Today it is appropriate that I reiterate our apology to survivors of Ross Browne’s abuse, and to all survivors.

Once Ross Browne is sentenced, we will be able to talk more freely, and I will.

We remain focused on justice and redress for Old Boy victims of historical abuse, with the welfare of survivors’ at the heart of our efforts.

Please continue to use the confidential Listening Service, or share it with anyone you think might be in need of it.

Thank you for your ongoing support for our school, and for one another, during this challenging time.